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Wedding Trends 2016: Colours

Happy new year and welcome to my first blog post of 2016!

I thought it would be fitting to take a look at some of the wedding trends we can expect to see in 2016, starting with colours.

Every year Pantone announces its colour palette, which includes 10 shades that we can expect to feature heavily in everything from fashion to home decor in the coming season.

Here are the top 10 for 2016:

Pantone's top 10 colours for 2016

Wedding trends tend to take their cues from Pantone’s annual colour palette and 2016 looks to be no different. I’ve spent (probably a bit too much!) time on Pinterest collating some ideas and inspiration based on each colour theme – I hope you enjoy looking at them.

First up it’s Rose Quartz, a pretty shade of pink that’s sure to be popular for Spring weddings:

Snorkel blue oozes sophistication – I can see brides teaming this with gold or silver to add a touch of class to any wedding:

Peach Echo has a lovely warm feel to it, perfect for a summer evening wedding:

Serenity is a soft pastel tone that would work well for both indoor and outdoor weddings:

Bursting with brightness, Buttercup would make summer wedding photos pop:

Pretty Limpet Shell would work perfectly for both a beach or vintage wedding theme:

Understated Limpet Shell would be beautiful matched with a shade of pink:

A Fiesta Red theme would ensure that all eyes are on the bride:

Iced Coffee is a lovely, rich tone that would work well in Spring or Autumn:

Bright Green Flash would look great paired with other bright colours or equally beautiful with other shades of green:

Which of these beautiful colour trends is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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