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My top 10 favourite buttons

Today I thought I’d have a bit of fun with the blog😊 Our craft room is full of buttons in all different colours, shapes and sizes, but not all buttons are created equal. I’ve picked out 10 of my favourites to share with you!

Here they are, in no particular order (well, maybe my most favourite is featured first here 😉)…

1. Enamel buttons

Enamel buttons

These beautiful buttons originate from France and are all hand-painted. Would you believe that they were a lucky vintage find at a tabletop sale outside a butcher’s shop in South London, of all places! My favourite things about them are the unusual square shape, the combination of colours and the craftsmanship that has clearly gone into making them. They also look fabulous as part of our “Something Blue” bouquet💙

2. Polka dot buttons

Polka dot buttons

These buttons come in all different sizes and really give our button bouquets an eye-catching pop of colour! I particularly like the red and white spotty ones as they have a real 50s feel about them. Of course these were delightful in our Alice in Wonderland bouquet💗

3. Silver sparkle buttons

Silver sparkle buttons

I found these little sparklers at The Button Queen, the place to go for pretty much any buttons you can think of! I like these because of their unusual fabric covering and also because they’re glittery (of course😁). These were perfect for our winter buttonholes and snowflake bouquet!

 4. Heart buttons

Heart buttons

I just love these laser-cut heart buttons – the way they catch the light is just gorgeous (and hard to portray in my dodgy pics here!).You can also attach other buttons on top of these as the holes go through the centre. So if you’re anything like me, that means finding another shimmering button or attachment to go on top!

5. Wooden buttons

Wooden flower buttons

It’s quite rare to find wooden buttons these days, so I was excited to find these beauties at the same tabletop sale as the enamel ones! The detail and time that has gone into hand-painting on these tiny flowers, oh my! These are definitely one my favourite vintage finds.

6. Flower buttons

Flower buttons

These little flower buttons are super cute and be found in an array of colours and sizes. I love teaming them with small polka dot buttons to create a centrepiece for each flower🌸

7. Hand-painted flower buttons

Painted flower buttons

The final set of buttons from the trio of finds at the tabletop sale were these cream cuties. Again, all hand-painted with such skill and precision and so pretty and unique.

8. Bow buttons

Bow buttons 1

Another unusual shape for buttons, this time bows🎀 These look so cute layer on top of polka dot buttons, or just by themselves. Always a joy to look at!

Bow buttons 2

9. Art Deco buttons

Art Deco buttons

I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to the haberdashery department in Liberty of London, I’m afraid to say! A bit on the pricey side but well worth the purchase, these art deco style buttons were a unique find and well deserving of their place in our top 10!

 10. Red-orange flower buttons

Red orange buttons

Another shameless purchase from Liberty of London, these bright buttons bring cheer to any make! I love the tiny detailed design on top and I’m looking forward to adding these to our Fiesta Red bouquet💃

Let us know your favourite buttons from our top 10 in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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