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A tour of my craft room

Hello and welcome to my craft room! I wanted to give you a little insight into the place where I work and share some of the fun bits and bobs that inspire and help me along the way. I’ve actually tidied the space up for the occasion, partly because I’d feel embarrassed if people reading this thought I was a mucky pup and partly so that I can give you a proper photographic tour😊

Craft room 1.jpg

I’ll start with the most important thing first: sharpies! Everyone loves a colourful sharpie, and in my case, I had to get one in every colour😜I love using them to write on my wall planner, in thank you cards and addresses on packages that I send to my customers. Up until recently they were scattered all over the place until my husband bought me this cute pen pot from Paperchase for Christmas. Now the sharpies have a home, yay!


I love my bright yellow sewing machine (another gift from my husband, he knows me well!) from John Lewis (a total steal at £49!). Although it’s technically a basic machine, I couldn’t make my bunting without it and it has plenty of stitch settings if you want to get creative👍

Sewing machine.jpg

Here’s a pic of all our lovely buttons, carefully stored in Kilner jars with tight flip-top lids to avoid button-pocalypse from happening! I like to keep them colour-organised, although I do have 2 jars of “miscellaneous” ones, which arguably contain some of the more interesting buttons!

Liberty accessories.jpg

If you’ve read my previous post about my favourite buttons, then you may already know about my little obsession with the haberdashery department at Liberty of London. Unfortunately (for my purse) this obsession also extends to accessories of the craft kind. Here’s a pic of two of my favourites, the Mauverina H print tape measure and mouse pin cushion (complete with a little bell on the end of his tail!)🐭

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law bought me this cute owl applique sewing bag and box at Christmas, both of which have come in very handy for keeping all my fabrics in check and generally brightening up the craft room!

Panda painting


Postcards 2

On the subject of bright things, I love to have colourful, inspirational things on the walls where I work. Here’s a pic of my favourite painting, my husband created this using a logo of a panda face from a cafe we used to visit when we were first seeing one another (aww!) for inspiration. I also have a fun collection of postcards that I have collected from craft shops I like and also from craft fairs.

Rainbow drawers.jpg

Keeping the colour theme going, here’s a pic of another important organisational item, my rainbow craft drawers! You will have to admire them from the outside as the contents are almost certainly in disarray😁

Washi tapes.jpg

If you’ve ever received a Handmade by Monica package, you will likely remember it by the colourful washi tape edges! Here are my current favourites, all the polka dots and patterns are so cheerful!


Pusheen the cat (seen here as a unicorn) is my little craft room mascot, sitting on top of the drawers while I work. She’s much quieter and well-behaved than a real cat (although I love those too!)🐱


Another obsession of mine is stationery, especially notebooks! I have a desk full of them, here are a few of my favourites. I always like to have one or two on hand, just in case potential product ideas spring to mind!

Wall planner.jpg

Last but definitely not least is my brand new (and yet to be filled in!) wall planner from Sam Osborne – I love having something visual on my wall to remind me of my goals and what I should be working on week to week!

That concludes the tour, I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. Do feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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