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Goals for 2017

I love the start of a new year – it always feels like such a time of opportunity and hope for what may come over the next 12 months. I have found it really helpful to lay out some goals at the start of the year and to try and plan how I will get there. I thought I’d share this with you all and hopefully it will help keep me on track as it will all be in black and white on the interwebs πŸ™‚


Goal #1: 100 items in my shop

This was actually a goal I set myself in 2016, but as you may have read in my last post, this was hard to achieve as I had a big change of direction and removed a lot of items from my shop part of the way through the year.

So why 100 items? It seems like a good number to aim for (slightly more than doubling the number I have now) and the more items you have in your shop, the more likely you are to found via search. I also think that more choice = higher chance someone will find something to buy and your shop also looks more professional as you’re clearly invested in it if you have a lot on offer. Not to say that it’s all about quantity (quality is also important!) but I think it helps.

I have also read quite a few blog posts and comments on forums where Etsy sellers talk about 100 items being a turning point of sorts for them.

I plan to expand the number of ranges in my shop and add more occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, among others. So hopefully this goal won’t be too hard to achieve!

Goal #2: 2,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Social media isn’t going away in a hurry and increasing reach on these platforms is something that will still be important for my little business in 2017, so it feels right to put some focus on this area over the next 12 months. I haven’t included Pinterest here (although I know it’s really important!) as I still have work to do on my photos (see footnote) before I feel that I can really succeed on there!

As of writing this, I have the following number of social media fans:

  • Facebook – 1,013
  • Twitter – 1,859
  • Instagram – 1,086

I think meeting my goal on Twitter will be the easiest of the three, partly because I’m pretty close already but also because a little bit of engagement and interaction with others on Twitter goes a long way!

Facebook is a harder nut to crack – I really need to up my game in terms of engaging content (including video) and figure out a good plan of action here.

Instagram followers are also hard to obtain organically but I will continue to improve my photos and spend more time researching the right hashtags to use.

Goal #3: 30 sales a month

This is definitely going to be a tough number to hit – my best month to date I had 23 sales – but I think it’s a good thing to focus on and hopefully my other goals will help feed into this. I am definitely going to have to try and do some things that I have only dabbled in up until now:

– Sending out a regular email newsletter
– Offering special discounts to customers / repeat customers
– Testing different ads – Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads
– Writing to blogs / magazines to try and get featured

I know this is going to be hard work, but well worth it if I can do it!

Goal #4: 500 people on my mailing list

This is another tough goal that I will definitely have to get creative on! I have around 100 people on my mailing list currently, most of whom I have signed up at craft markets by putting everyone into a prize draw to win personalised bunting. I think the power of email newsletters can be a bit underestimated – it’s a great marketing tool so it feels right to spend time growing my list this year.

I will probably try out a few different things to meet this goal – maybe I will take the “sign up and be entered in our prize draw” concept and extend that to social media – it needs a bit more thought. Watch this space for progress on this!

Goal #5: Blog twice a month

Ah blogging – this was another goal from 2016 that was perhaps a little optimistic (it originally read “Blog twice a week“) – as I still have a day job and a lot of things to juggle, I am aiming to blog twice a month, which feels more doable and if I can do more, then great!

I do really enjoy blogging and sharing what I’ve learnt – I also think it’s a great way for people to get to know you. Hopefully you enjoy reading what I have to say too πŸ™‚

Other things I’d like to achieve in 2017

I’ve called 5 things out as my main goals but there are always other things that need work and improvement – this year I also need to make some improvements to my photos and overall branding. I need to work on my lifestyle shots (and get them onto Pinterest!) and I have some ideas for other flat lay shots that I want to experiment with. With regards to branding – I already have a nice logo and some branding elements, but I want to work on getting some more seasonal banners and other bits that I can use on social media to try and make things a bit more cohesive.

I’m ready for 2017 – let’s do this!

What are your goals for 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

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