An interview with #CraftHour

This week I’ve had the pleasure of talking to the folks behind the ever-popular #CraftHour community to hear about how it all began and what their plans are for 2016. Read on for insights, tips and how you can get involved…

Fun Stuff

My top 10 favourite buttons

Today I thought I’d have a bit of fun with the blog😊 Our craft room is full of buttons in all different colours, shapes and sizes, but not all buttons are created equal. I’ve picked out 10 of my favourites to share with you!

Trend Reports

Wedding Trends 2016: Colours

I thought it would be fitting to take a look at some of the wedding trends we can expect to see in 2016, starting with colours.

Every year Pantone announces its colour palette, which includes 10 shades that we can expect to feature heavily in everything from fashion to home decor in the coming season.

Sneak Peeks

Hello everyone!

Hello! My name’s Monica and I’m the owner and founder of Handmade by Monica. This is me in my craft room (looking suspiciously tidy, I will post a mid-crafting session photo at a later date and you can compare) 😉 I share this space with my husband Ian (he’s a painter). Here he is hard at work. I… Continue reading Hello everyone!